Chris Tynan is a Naarm-based painter & visual artist.

Tynan collaborates with their sitters to disrupt narratives of underrepresented lived experiences. Their larger-than-life-size oil and gold-leaf portraits simultaneously demand recognition from, and critique, the value systems of large cultural institutions.

Tynan’s other creative responses include body-casting with precious metal, live-drawing of performance, digital projection, and a human-size chrysalis from discarded fabric for Snuff Puppets.

Under the Creative Victoria Creators Fund 2022, Tynan spent 6 months developing methods to represent the diversity of disabled, queer and gender variant experiences within their work. Their education has included a mentorship under artist and educator Jonas Ropponen, Feral Queer Camp, and research at Australian Queer Archives. Their ongoing development of a Community Engagement Strategy included consultation with Arts Access Victoria. Their draw from an ongoing study of accessibility, equity and liberation through interrelated studies of theory and critical studies in disability, race, gender, and sexuality.

From their studio next to 20 overlapping lanes of freeway in Melbourne, Tynan reminisces about wildlife rescues, floodplain forests, and going to school in a paddock. They were born in Matsusaka, Japan.

To see unpublished works, please get in touch.

C Tynan is a non-Indigenous artist living and working on un-ceded Wurundjeri country encompassing land, water and sky.