A night scene in black with white lines. Beneath a sky of a cresent moon and stars, a gay demon posed as though in mid-dance. It is partly turned away from the viewer with hairy butt in view and hands up to its face, as though feigning coyness. It wears an expression of gleeful delight. There is a fire in the background with stick-figure witches and demons dancing around it.
Gay Demon 2021
Linocut print, black ink on paper

Christen Tynan is an emerging Melbourne-based visual artist. While best known for intimate portraits of under-represented bodies in graphite and soft-pastel, she has also worked in printmaking, photography, paint and metal. Tynan has depicted folktales from the perspective of uncredited fish who found the golden ring, to a witches’ debaucherous sabbat (known by some as Gay Night Out). She is a featured artist exhibiting for Queer My Head, presented by Midsumma Festival and The Dax Centre in 2022.